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Genetic Counseling

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Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling services offered in Folsom, Redding, Chico, Sacramento, Davis and Yuba City, CA

Genetic counseling can help answer many unknowns about the potential health of your unborn baby. You can rely on Marwan Ali, MD, MBA, FACOG, FACMG, and the compassionate maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists at California Maternal Fetal Medicine to help you navigate through questions and answers to learn about any risks your baby might encounter. To book an appointment in Folsom, Redding, Chico, Sacramento, or Davis, California, call or schedule a visit online today.

What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling helps determine the risk of passing an inheritable disease to your growing fetus. The highly trained subspecialists at California Maternal Fetal Medicine can:

  • Identify the risks for your baby
  • Investigate problems present in your family
  • Analyze and interpret information about a disorder
  • Analyze genetics and risk of recurrence

Your provider also reviews results from all testing and talks about how to care for the unique needs of your baby.

Am I a candidate for genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling might be right for you if you:

  • Have an interest in genetic carrier screening for yourself or your partner
  • Want to discuss risks for chromosomal abnormalities
  • Have a child with a birth defect, developmental delay, or other genetic condition
  • Have a history of multiple miscarriages or unexplained infant deaths
  • Have blood-related unions
  • Are 35 years old or older at time of delivery for a single pregnancy
  • Are 33 years old or older at time of delivery for a twin pregnancy
  • Are pregnant with anomalies identified by ultrasound
  • Are pregnant and have had an abnormal genetic screening test
  • Are pregnant with risk of or concern for maternal exposures, such as medications, radiation, drugs, alcohol, or infections

Certain ethnic groups can be more at risk of genetic defects, which your provider can talk to you about during your consultation.

What can I expect during genetic counseling?

When you meet with your provider at California Maternal Fetal Medicine, they work with you to learn as much as they can about your blood relatives on both sides. They start with creating a comprehensive understanding of specific diseases anyone in your family has had. They also do their best to learn why these abnormalities occurred. 

For example, questions to answer may include letting them know about any history of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or twins. Your provider also asks about genetic diseases in your family, such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, or hemophilia. They may also want to know about the health of your parents, find out if anyone has a birth defect, and learn why you might suspect your child could be born with a medical problem.

Your compassionate provider is there to answer all of your questions and walk you through the challenges you might face.

If you’re ready to make an appointment for genetic counseling, call today or click to book online.

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